Getting Started:

  • Determine the tooling requirements for your project.  This is frequently accomplished by a 5S or lean project review in cooperation with the manufacturing engineers, supervisors and line operators.  Your Replicade rep can assist you in performing an initial tool audit.

  • Determine the storage space configuration which will work best for your application.  This may be traditional tool boxes, shelving units, mobile cases, or work tables.

  • Replicade LLC will work with you to catalogue and digitally photograph all needed information at your location.

  • Replicade LLC will provide approval drawings for each unique foam insert.

  • Foam inserts are normally shipped two to three weeks after layout approval.

  • A unique number is assigned to each foam insert layout to make re-ordering or future modifications very simple.

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Three-dimensional routing matches       the profile of the tool to accurately         position and protect the tools in the       foam.
Two-color foam permits                 immediate visual audits.  If you     can see the alert color - a tool is   missing.
  Accurate, 3-dimensional profiles        utilize our unique "push-down"            system - push down on one end of    the tool and the other end will pop      up.  No messy, space-consuming      finger holes needed.